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The specific occasions which inspired this blog were the May 29th, 2012, 7th Annual Shubert Foundation/MTI Broadway JR. Student Share presentation and the Mayor of New York’s proclamation declaring that same day as “Music Theatre International Day,” in honor of MTI’s 60th Anniversary.

As Freddie noted in his Huffington Post blog:

This [MTI Broadway JR. Student Share] program takes schools without any arts in their curriculum, introduces musical theatre as a way of straddling music, visual arts, theatre, dance and theater crafts into the New York City schools in all five boroughs and prepares the schools with teacher workshops, parent education, community involvement and evolves into self-sustaining theatre programs, weaning the support team away from the school. All the schools that started have continued. There are 1,200 schools in the city of New York, so there is more work to do.

Fifty states utilize Broadway JR. to perform the same function. Four million U.S. students have heretofore participated in 70,000 separate productions of JR. musicals over the last 17 years. Those grade school students represent households with over eleven million Americans. This program makes the world a better place and makes the children better prepared to be good citizens working collaboratively and collegially, utilizing their imagination, creativity and inventiveness as well as doing an awful lot of hard work … and enjoying the hard-work ethic.

That very same day was “Music Theatre International Day,” officially proclaimed by the mayor of New York City on the 60th anniversary of the founding of our company. This was particularly validating to me. I was simultaneously immersed with all of these children in the Shubert Theatre and knowing I conceptualized the JR. program in 1994 … Dreaming comes true with hard work and good partners and a mayor’s proclamation. Wow!

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