Freddie and Myrna announce “Courage In Theatre Award.”

Webmaster’s Note: The Spectrum School, a Manhattan school dedicated to special-needs students, has been given the Courage In Theatre Award by Music Theatre International.

This honor (established in 2007), says Freddie, recognizes organizations and individuals who “confronted challenges that threaten their ability to explore or express their artistic vision in positive ways.”

The students and faculty of The Spectrum School, (a.k.a., P94M), are being honored by Freddie and his wife, Myrna, for creating an original musical that documents their experiences with autism.

In recent years Spectrum School students participated in the Shubert Foundation/Music Theatre International Broadway Jr. program.”This award acknowledges the Spectrum School’s courage, talent and dedication in creating and performing a brand new musical (called A Powerful Day) about a difficult subject matter,” Freddie says.

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