“I did it, Papi!”

In his 14th Huffington Post blog, Freddie tells the moving story of how some special needs kids in New York City came together to create a show.

“This is a documented case study,” Freddie writes, “where students can’t sit still, cannot relate to each other, cannot communicate with each other, and get into fights and are lacking focus. Four months later, the same students help each other out, are resilient during all technical problems and emotionally disturbed autistic children discover a “pretend” vehicle for creative self-expression and sense personal success.”

“One …  little boy who is Autistic and really non-verbal is so pleased at his success that when he finishes one of his dances, (in the middle of the show,) he looks down at the audience and shouts, ‘I did it, Papi!’ The audience responds, cheers in kind yells, ‘Go star!’ ‘You’re beautiful!’ ”

“[The kids] have shown compassion, support, care and connection with one another,” Freddie writes. “The ‘experts’ are in shock.”

Click here to see the full blog at the Huffington Post site.

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